Watch Free TV Shows, Movies, and Sports: Free Limited Download Available

free stuff

Don’t we all like free stuff hehehe

Ok, so let’s cut to the chase. Not everyone has cable, so for those people, including myself, what do you do? Well I found a really cool alternative to watching free tv shows, movies, and sports right from my computer and guess what? All for free, my favorite 4 letter word. Basically it’s this download called MegaTelly that gives you access into some database that allows you to be able to watch your favorite shows right from your computer. So. goodbye $200 cable bill and hello $40 internet and Megatelly. When I first downloaded the software, I wasn’t to impressed, but it soon took away my doubts because it automatically gave me the option to watch literally whatever I wanted.

How it works:

Now I’m just going out on a limb here and saying how I think it works. So, you know how most cable TV channels now require you to have some sort of password and stuff to be able to access their channel from your phone or computer? Well, I think that someone literally let’s us access their account so we can watch cable TV, how awesome of that person if that’s true, right?

When you download it give it a few minutes to install then simply launch the application on your computer. Simple.


The only main downside I saw to megatelly was that it’s not available on phones, because well let’s face it, most people use their phones to look at videos, so this can be a bummer, but also keep it mind as long as your on a computer that has Megatelly you can watch whatever you want, so just be near a computer, or for the love of neptune, just be at home.

To claim your download click here:


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