E-Cigarettes Are Less Addictive Then Traditional Cigarettes

Penn State currently did an experiment where they found that, even though e-cigs have a lot of nicotine, they are less additive than tradition cigarettes. There are more than 400 brands of E-Cigs that include less cancer causing ingredients, but long term use of them are still unknown. ecig4

Electronic Cigarettes have grown into some great popularity over the last years and up until now it has been discovered that you have a better chance of not getting addicted to them as you would a traditional cigarette.

For the study at Penn State more than 3500 people who currently use E-Cigs, who use to smoke regular cigarettes completed the Penn State Cigarette Dependence Index and the Penn State Electronic Cigarette Dependence Index.

“However, people with all the characteristics of a more dependent e-cig user still had a lower e-cig dependence score than their cigarette dependence score,” researcher Jonathan Foulds said in a statement. “We think this is because they’re getting less nicotine from the e-cigs than they were getting from cigarettes.”

There are some Electronic Cigarette users who are trying to quit altogether, but the FDA has not yet approved products for electronic cigarette users yet.

“This is a new class of products that’s not yet regulated,” Foulds said. “It has the potential to do good and help a lot of people quit, but it also has the potential to do harm. Continuing to smoke and use e-cigarettes may not reduce health risks. Kids who have never smoked might begin nicotine addiction with e-cigs. There’s a need for a better understanding of these products.

The findings, which are published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, also have implications for developing e-cigs for smoking cessation. Foulds believe people might need e-cigarettes that are better at delivering nicotine because that’s what’s more likely to help people quit.


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