The Best and Cheap E-Cig You’ll Ever Find


This kit is the real deal!

So, I’ve been smoking traditional for a very long time now, so I have to admit that when I first found out about electronic smoking, I thought it was a joke. How could someone get the same effect as a real cigarette through a small electronic device?

I have to say that I was completely wrong!…..

I watched a few Youtube videos about E-Cigs and from what the reviewers were saying, they couldn’t tell the difference between traditional and electronic, so I decided to give it a shot. One of the videos had a link to the same ones that was reviewed…

I ordered mine from Lavo Smoke, which offered a free trail kit for 14 days for $5.95. I received my shipment a few days later and this is everything that came in the kit:


I got the battery, the little tank where you put the flavor, 3 different flavors, and a usb charger.

First of all, it took me a few to figure out how to work the thing, but I managed to get it together, after reading the instructions.

Second, I let it charge up, by just plugging it into my laptop USB port.

Then, I flavors in there and gave it my first puff.


I choose the green apple first, and it felt like I just inhaled oxygen flavors jolly ranchers. Wow!

By this point I had forgotten that this was even electronic, I just wanted to continue to puff on the jolly ranchers flavor. So here’s what I’ve been able to come up with so far:

  • It’s portable, and by portable I mean that you can take it anywhere, including work and no one would ever know this it doesn’t have that stinky smell of tobacco
  • You can plug it up and reuse it over and over again, unlike traditional smoking
  • You’ll be saving money, simply because you reuse the same device, and all you need to do is buy the flavors
  • Each bottle of flavor last the same amount of time of smoking 12 packs of cigarettes, CAN’T BEAT THIS!
  • It’s super cheap, I plan on keeping this thing and the company charges $50 per month, which comes with a new shipment of flavors of your choice! I was spending $50 every week on cigarettes, so money saved!

If you are interested in getting yourself setup with one of these bad boys for the same price of $5.95 that I paid, then click on the banner below or just simply click here if your lazy, like me lol.


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